Wednesday, February 9, 2011


When we finally got our Jacuzzi up and running, we had to install the gazebo over it to keep the mosquitoes out.  Of course, not many mosquitoes this time of year.
At any rate, just as we were declaring ourselves finally settled in, we had our first really big weather event.  In what my wife described as a loud crash early in the morning (I was out of town at the time), our fancy little gazebo went flying around the back patio and crashed in front of the new garage.  Note to self: When there are three holes for anchoring down each corner post, fill each of them with screws.
So, proof that we just aren't that smart, instead of going with something a little more industrial, we ran right back out to Home Depot and grabbed another one of these screened-in gazebos.  Oh sure, I have filled all the applicable holes with screws right into the cement patio, but I just have this ugly feeling that something along the lines of 4X4 posts would hold things in place a lot better.  Ultimately, I think we will build a screened room around the jacuzzi.  For now though, we are crossing our fingers and hoping that the wind won't unceremoniously decorate our yard with another pile of cheap mangled metal and screen.

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Anonymous said...

we've missed your post, hope to hear more about the new place.I love that part of the country. And yes, as you know he winds kick up unexpectedly all the time there.