Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Let's Rodeo (Eat) San Antonio...

Every year on Valentine’s Day (or close to it) we like to go to the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo.  We don’t actually go to the rodeo itself or even participate in the showing of stock, but we do like to go on what is basically a shopping trip hoping to find free give away items (a cup of fruit, a sample of peanut butter on a folded half tortilla), overpriced drinks and deep fried food.  Yes, we have had chicken fried bacon and lived to tell about it.

Monday was such an incredible day given the cold weather we have had recently, you couldn’t blame a guy for taking off early from work and swapping slacks and a tie for jeans and some boots and heading out to San Antonio’s East Side to enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, and artery clogging vittles. 
Since it was lunch, we tried to keep things fairly healthy.  Chicken on a stick sounds fun and when you add on the secret ancient Chinese dipping grease, you could eat a whole one and be hungry for more in an hour.
It looks as though the grounds have been modified to accommodate more circus food vendors.  The huge Monster Burger stand came equipped with a recurring DJ voice imploring hungry people to eat one (a Monster Burger).  Perhaps another time.
Instead, we went with another healthy choice and had the funnel cake.  It tastes like a biscuit covered with powdered sugar if you care to know the truth.  But we ate it all.  And licked our fingers.
One of the free give-aways was a Vlasic dill pickle spear.  I ate that too, and then posed with the stork. Chicken, funnel cake and pickles, that’s a solid lunch selection if I’ve ever seen one.

As we were looking through the various shops on the Rodeo grounds, we stopped and made a purchase from the Fiesta Store booth.  Long story short, we ended up meeting a nice lady that lives out here in Natalia who was happy to provide us with information to many of our pressing questions.  Most importantly, of course, where can I get a good piece of catfish?

You'd probably think we were total pigs if I told you that after we spent time at the rodeo navigating through powdered sugar, we took a drive to Devine looking for a restaurant named Charlie's II.  So I'll save that for another post...

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Keith Alan K said...

I don't like the way that stork is pointing his pickle at you.