Friday, January 7, 2011

We Have Slab...

Lots of excitement out here yesterday as the crew of contractors did the big pour on our garage foundation and the patio.
When your lot is so full of quicksand like ours is, they prefer not to pull a truck in for fear of sinking or drive on the brand new driveway for fear of craking, so the best bet is a few of these little Georgia-buggies to move the concrete.
And then of course, it isn't any fun unless you get a bunch of guys in rubber boots to walk around in the wet cement.
And we want it all to have a pretty, smooth finish.
Unfortunately, I didn't get home until after dark so the pictures don't do justice to how awesome this slab looks.
Today, they will frame out an extension between the patio and garage, pour that on Monday and actual framing on the garage is supposed to start Monday, weather permitting.  Next week, the patio should be cured enough that we can move the jacuzzi into place, and by the end of January, we could be soaking our aching muscles. 


Charlene said...

This is fabulous! I bet you all are excited for sure.

Kathleen Scott said...

Fun to see the process. And you've got good tub first.