Sunday, January 16, 2011

Views of Natalia...

During our short breakfast trip into the cozy town of Natalia on Saturday, we stopped into a place that we have been curious about for a while.
Brown's seems to be a butcher shop but with the size and shelving space for a small supermarket.  Since technically, Natalia is closer to our place than Lytle, I thought why not see if Brown's might be a suitable substitute for the HEB in Lytle for quick emergency trips.  

That thought was short lived though.  This is no jab at the fine people at Brown's because they seem to have developed their own niche market:  people who don't want to drive the extra 5 miles east to Lytle for HEB and those who don't care to drive the extra 3 or 4 miles to Devine and the SuperS.
I only took a few pictures.  I'm guessing that someone went to Sam's Club and purchased a barrel of sugar, then bought some ZipLock bags in bulk and commenced to fillin' em up for a substantial profit.
Too embarrassed to stuff a few extra Splenda packets in your pocket at McDonald's?  Not a problem.  You can get a baggie full for only a few bucks.

Aside from actual bags of dog food and containers of night crawlers, the rest of the stock seemed to follow the self-packaged baggie format.  Okay, I can work with the Splenda packets, but the baggies of plastic forks and spoons made me wonder if grandchildren had been put to work stocking the family store, and I wondered quite frankly, if hands had been washed.

Sorry I didn't take a picture, but the butcher section did seem top notch.  Things were clean and it looked like there was a fine selection of meat for sale, which ultimately made us think that the rest of the stuff was just odds and ends for sale but that the mainstay of Brown's is the beef.
So if you had ever driven down Highway 132 in Natalia and wondered what Brown's was, now you know.
Just east of Brown's are two really delightful landmarks that are next to one another.  The first one is this old store that caught my eyes years ago.  I just love this style and I think this would be a perfect shooting location for a scene in a movie.
The second one always makes my wife giggle.  It is a small little chapel of sorts.  To get an idea of the size, note that the front door is full size.  I think you could fit a preacher, a bride and a groom, but the best man and maid of honor better be thin midgets.  Of course, it is ADA compliant.