Sunday, January 30, 2011

Traders Village Traffic Jam...

We had a sneaking suspicion that when they opened this new Traders Village on  Loop 410 South at Old Pearsall Road, there would be some painful traffic issues on weekends.  We found out just how popular this flea market was today.
No, we didn't go, we just tried to drive by there on the way home!  Coming from the direction of Highway 90, we were headed toward the I-35 South interchange at Loop 410 South.  We got just beyond Valley Hi and could already see a traffic starting to slow.  But of course, I was in the fast lane, so why in the world would we come to a complete stop?
The reason we come to a complete stop in the fast lane on a highway is because people are jerks.  They see that there is going to be a long wait in line just to exit onto Old Pearsall Road, so rather than get in the line, they keep going and then at the last minute hope to find a sucker courteous enough to let them in.  But of course, when nobody is will to be the chump, rather than going to the next exit and turning around, the people simply stop (on the highway) until someone recognizing the danger of the situation lets them in.  Now, repeat this over and over and we have a traffic jam.
This is the place - it is huge.  According to friends who have been, it is very much worth going and even better than Bussey's, our favorite flea market.
Oh, and people are coming from all directions to get there.  This is the traffic coming from the other way.  Looks like they need to do a traffic study. 


Keith Alan K said...

Sorry to disagree with your friends, but Trader's Village doesn't hold a candle to the awesomeness of Bussey's.
Sure, it's new and clean and shiny and pretty.
But the vendors and their selection of merchandise is seriously weak.
Every budding shop owner at this new place is taking a chance with a new business model.
At Bussey's, the ones with a roof and doors have been there forever and passed the test, while the open-air folks are ten times more interesting--like the difference between a really good garage sale and someone putting a few pieces of junk by the curb with a For Sale sign.
You can poke around the nooks and crannies at Bussey's for the whole day.
Trader's Village hasn't got any nooks, and the crannies are so new there aren't even any dust bunnies let alone flea market gold.

Then there's the traffic.

And the guy selling illegal baby turtles.
And the ridiculous lines for refreshments.
And the thugs.

Got to give TV props for the new restrooms, though--the ones at Bussey's still harbor some funk dating back to the Jimmy Carter years.

Dave said...

I think we'll still go at least once to give it a shot. I know that the reason we stopped going to that flea market on Highway 16 towards Poteet was becasue it had become so commercialized with very few of the garage sale type items.

I do love Bussey's, but I tend to pee before we go or after we leave. The bathrooms could use a face lift and a good dousing with Lysol!