Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Report: Bacon, Deer, Fence, Steak...

My wife has been concerned that I wake up early these days - if you consider 4:30 to be early.  I think I eased her mind a bit this morning since I slept in until 6:30.
As a reward for my good sleep, she made me a very special breakfast for a Sunday morning.  Her late father, 'Nando used to enjoy a very well done serving of fried potatoes and some bacon served up on a crispy flour tortilla topped with a stream of mustard.  I've gained a pound or two this weekend, and I'm not the least bit upset.
Of course, nothing starts off the morning like chasing (okay, casually walking half a mile toting a cup of coffee) after your dog who is in hot pursuit of a family of deer.  I don't know if you are a friend of Eva's on Facebook, but she had been yammering on all morning to Facebook people  about how she had not seen Bubba, Leslie and the twins for some time.  If that sounds like a title of some porno flick, I'm sorry to disappoint, but that is the name she has given the family of deer who live in the lot across the street from our house.

Just an aside on the name.  Years ago we used to enjoy going to various local Flea Markets.  Once, while at the Moursand Road outdoor flea market, we came upon this guy selling wooden signs that you could hang from your house to identify the street address or the family name.  We were thinking about buying one with our name on it, but when he gave us a price, we suddenly lost interest.  Always the salesman, the guy offered us a good deal on a sign that another couple had never come back for.  That couple was Bubba & Leslie, and from that point on, they were a fixture in our lives, though we never actually met them.  We did not buy that sign, but I assure, we have regretted not doing so for years.

So anyway, our dog Gracie is staring out the front window with her tail wagging like nobodies business and like an idiot, I open the front door so we can both walk out to see what she is all happy about.  And there stand Bubba, Leslie, Twin #1 and Twin #2.  Gracie of course ran for the front of the yard but I actually laughed because the gate was shut, and there was no way she could slip beneath it.

Who would have thought a dog, eager to chase deer could get under a gate with only an 8 or 9 inch clearance?  And by the way, just because a guy is wearing slippers, it does not mean that the fashionable cotton pants he is wearing are pajamas.  I've seen people shop in the HEB with less fashion sense, so I'd like to think of my morning attire as "casual".
Needless to say, there was some work needed on the gate, and after a trip to Lowe's, I made some alterations.  I know, you may ask why I don't simply lower the gate, but due to the fact that the inside of the driveway is elevated a bit (inches) higher than the outside, lowering it isn't an option.  The new hardware cloth along the bottom works for now.
We have lived out here for a month.  Today was the first day I busted out the grill and cooked some steaks.  We are the type that grill several times a week, but until we get fully moved in, my beloved gas grill is still sitting in my mother-in-law's back yard.  Charcoal will do in a pinch, and the sausage will make a nice snack tomorrow.
We had some salad, some steak, and a cold beer to celebrate the first grilling of 2011. 

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