Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Siding is Complete...

Things are suddenly moving fast on our garage/shed project.  After a few missed days for weather and other issues, our work crew was out Saturday to complete the siding and get it prepared for painting.
There was some question about whether or not we had plans to sheet rock the interior of the garage (we do), so they waited for me to get home from work on Friday to get the word and go ahead with attic vents.  With the vents done, they were able to finish up the siding and trim work.  

 It was funny watching the guys put up the home wrap in the wind.  But they got it done.
After some careful masking and tarp placement, a painter came out and gave the entire building the once over with some sort of primer that will help the paint work much better.
And with everything all primed, we think the painter will return this morning to do the actual color of the house and maybe the trim.  On Monday, the plan is to knock out the roofing shingles and we may even see the electrician on Monday as well.  We expect the garage door to be installed, probably Wednesday, and really, I think that is about the end of it.  From there, I'll take over with my mad electrician skills and do the wiring on the inside so I can put outlets and switches where I want.  Or I'll find an electrician who works for beer and fajitas.
 I'm pretty excited about all the pictures we have taken during the course of the construction.  I think I'm up to 400 or so.  When it is a complete wrap, I'll bust out the Pinnacle Studio which I haven't messed with in a while and make a movie showing the building from the ground up.  That should be a hoot.  


Charle said...

Isn't the door a bit small? Looks good, I'm very envious of you new compound.

Dave said...

You know, the garage door has been the question everyone asks about. Just Friday night some friends dropped by and that was the first question.

I suspect in the long run if we ever decide to sell the house, we will regret going with a single-wide, but we have no intention of ever parking a car inside of it.

I don't want to come right out and say this is a "man cave", but we certainly have it in our minds that aside from storage of the junk that won't fit in the house, this "garage" will be filled with tools and saws and drills and a refrigerator. Hell, we have to build another shed just behind this one so we'll have a place to put the mower and the weed-eater.

Bottomline, yeah, the door looks small, but it shouldn't be a problem for our intended use.

Dave said...

Jeez - I think I came across sounding a bit defensive about the size of my door! Really, just trying to clarify...

Anonymous said...

Umm "man cave" ... really Dave . I think my crafts will fit nicely on one side :)