Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reader Insights...

It is always helpful to have the input from those of you who stumble upon this blog and that is why I so much appreciate the use of comments and e-mail.  One reader who followed us over from the old blog lives out this way and has quite a wealth of insight about the area.  He would have left comments but for some reason, the comments function is not working for him.  Perhaps you have tried to leave a comment and found an issue to.  If so, I always appreciate e-mails and make every effort to answer them as soon as possible.

So this is the big news:  First, a few posts back I mentioned the big rumor about the HEB in Lytle and how one lady had told my wife that they were making an HEB Plus out this way, but another insider seemed to think that was all a big, fake, false, fat, fallacious, rumor. Well, according to our reader, this week's edition of The Medina Valley Times, they are breaking ground on the new HEB Plus next to the old HEB.  That, my friends, is some welcome news.

More recently, I mentioned our visit to Brown's and pointed out how the shelves seemed bare but they had a good looking butcher section.  Our reader also offered some views that I think are worth repeating here: 
"Oh, in reference to your post on Browns in Natalia, it used to be a pretty good little grocery store/meat market. It's been family owned for something like four generations but over the last few years the grocery part has shriveled, likely due to HEB. They used to let some of the poorer patrons put their bills "on the tab" and let them pay it off when they could. Good people.

Charlie Brown, or his son Chuck, cuts a damn good steak though, so give him a try."
And I suspect we will!  Thanks for the tip.

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