Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pizza Report: Eatza Pizza in Lytle...

We laughed at the name the first time we drove by - Eatza Pizza - seemed a little too cute to be any good. 
Later, we would learn that the Eatza Pizza was the meeting place for the monthly HOA meetings for our new subdivision, and in fact, that was the real purpose of our first visit.  Of course, I got the date wrong and the only group meeting Thursday night were a lodge of Woodmen.  We had never heard of that group, fine people I'm sure, and my wife kept thinking of that GEICO  commercial where the guy yells out, "Hey, you dang woodchucks, quit chucking my wood."  Whatever; we were there and we smelled some good vittles coming from the kitchen.
Once inside, wrong date or not, we were actually quite pleased.  First off, you have got to be hungry to order a 28 inch pizza.  That got my attention.  We stood there looking over the wide selection on the menu board and finally decided to get the smallest 12 inch pizza, a trip to the salad bar and an appetizer.  With drinks, our total bill was about $20.00.  Not bad at all for a pizza place. 
I don't mean to pick on the Triple C down the road in Devine, but my wife and I both felt as though the salad bar there was lacking.  We found everything that was missing - including the cheese - perfectly displayed in the well stocked salad bar at Eatza Pizza. 
I'm sure the picture doesn't do it justice, but this was what we were looking for in a salad bar.  Don't get me wrong - I am perfectly happy with a house salad like the ones you get a Chili's or Texas Roadhouse, but if you are going to offer a salad bar, make sure you have enough variety so it goes beyond what comes in a house salad.  Eatza Pizza passed the test and we were happy about it.

They offer quite a few different appetizers but we opted  for the fried pickles.  Served hot and lightly breaded, we both agreed that these fried pickles were top notch.  Seriously, they should offer a half (or even quarter) order.  Way too much for two people.  Fried pickles and pizza.  Is this the life, or what?

We were watching some Intervention-like show on TV the other night and one of the stories they had was a guy who was addicted to pizza.  Pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  No veggies, no fried pickles; nothing but pizza. I don't have it that bad, but over the years, I have found that if you place a pizza in front of me, it must be consumed.  I love a good pizza but a good pizza does not love me.  A few slices and my blood sugar levels do something crazy and I am out like a baby.  This makes driving difficult.
So, I have learned to limit my pizza intake dramatically, and when I eat it, I want it to be AWESOME.  We didn't ask for a specific crust option - I don't even know if hand-tossed, thin or deep dish was even an available choice - but what we got was this really thick, soft and delicious pizza topped with gooey cheese and a reasonable spread of pepperoni.  With a serving of salad and some fried pickles on the side, there was no reason I couldn't limit myself to two wonderful slices.  Okay, three wonderful slices. Oh boy, I need a nap.

We absolutely enjoyed the pizza and we were especially pleased with the folks running the place.  The manager or perhaps owner was in and out of the kitchen, constantly moving around to make sure things were running smoothly, the salad bar and utensils were stocked, etc.  He came out and chatted with us briefly and later made us copies of the menu so we could know what to order next! 
We love well prepared, delicious food combined with great customer service at a reasonable price.  At Eatza Pizza in Lytle, we got all of the above and that makes for a Tasty Treat!

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