Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Guard Dogs and Delivery Guys...

Our dog Gracie is the burglar's best friend.  She is very observant in that for the most part, nothing gets past her.  I still don't get how she can sit in the house casually watching TV and sense that the family of deer (Bubba, Leslie & the twins) are lurking around on the property across the street.  I suppose dogs know these things.  There is a minor problem though, and that while she tends to immediately recognize that we might have visitors, she does not find it necessary to alert us, the homeowners to her findings.
Take this morning for instance.  Of course, I ways already at work by now but Eva was just getting ready for the day.  We had no expectation of workers showing up to work on our garage project since they were waiting on the delivery of the roof gables which were not expected until Wednesday.  I suspect you can see where this is going.

I'm sorry I won't offer pictures as proof, but as my wife was being all naked as a result of a shower and such, the delivery guys (the ones expected tomorrow) were trying to determine if anyone was home so they could deliver the roof materials.  Ordinarily, a naked person is alerted to delivery people by the family dog who commences to bark loudly.  Gracie simply wags her tail and smiles.  I guess at some point, Eva got the clue.  No need for a tip, I suppose.
Here we go with the first gable in place.
 If I had the skills and the knees, I think I would love doing this sort of work.  Thankfully, as a fall back I have a nice job in a climate controlled office.  Even though, I appreciate the guys on the roof.
 I was amazed at all the bracing inside just to keep things square as the gables went up.
The addition of the roof suddenly makes things look much more complete, I'd say.  Now all we need is a little bell on our gate.

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