Friday, January 28, 2011

DVR Report...

We simply don't have the time to sit around and watch the hundreds of channels that are beamed down to our TV from some satellite flying overhead, but we have found that we can catch at least an hour or two here or there.  During the regular TV season, we have some favorites including Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, and any CSI show that does not include Horatio Cane.  Of course, we have been tempted by some of the newer shows offered on cable and I thought I'd offer up a few notes.

I am not embarrassed to tell you that we have been watching Shameless on Showtime and we love it!  William H. Macy playing an unfit drunk parent isn't even the good part.  In fact, he is pretty much the set-up just to remind us why the family of kids ranging in ages from a toddler still in diapers, some pre-teens, high school kids and an oldest sister in her early twenties, are making ends meet any way they can.  This show is not for the faint of heart with frequent nudity and really unhealthy family situations.  If you ever wondered where the people go after the Jerry Springer Show, this is it.   Please, don't let my description scare you away; Check it out.

And if we didn't get enough of dysfunctional family life from Shameless, we have been recording Intervention on A&E.  If you ever felt a little guilty about enjoying a frosty adult beverage before 5PM, watch a few episodes of Intervention and you'll feel like a teetotaler.  Who knew that laying down on train tracks and sleeping through a train amputating your leg from the knee down wasn't rock-bottom?

For good measure, we have recorded a few of those Beyond Scared Straight shows also on A&E. I'm here to tell you, going to a woman's prison does not have the same appeal as one might have imagined.  Yikes!

I know, we seem like a hardcore and depressing bunch.  Perhaps all this stuff makes us feel better about ourselves.  For instance, we watched a few episodes of Heavy, a new show about extremely obese people who go through a six month boot camp of sorts.  I'm not talking about a guy who weighs 300 pounds and trims down to a svelte 185, this is about really huge 500 to 600 pound people who need to drop half their body weight just so they don't die.  I have to admit, the attraction to this show is the continuous replay of the commercial where a really, really portly Rickywayne wearing a fancy chapeau screams at the fitness trainer to "leave me alone" and you see all four of his chins undulate in perfect rhythm with his gesticulating arms and bingo fat.  It isn't that I find fat people funny, after all, if that were the case I could just stare in the mirror for hours, but that one clip makes me giggle.

And if we didn't spend enough time sitting in front of the TV looking at people with problems, watching Hoarders on A&E tends to make us feel better about ourselves.  At least I don't have a path carved out between stacks of newspapers and piles of rat feces in my house.
 Our garage on the other hand is a nightmare (for now).  Somebody, contact A&E and get a camera crew out here ASAP!

Finally, to lighten things up a bit, have you seen Storage Wars?  We love this show but despise one of the main characters, Dave Hester.  Of course, you are supposed to despise him.  In case you didn't know, the gist of it is, they follow a group of people who go to these auctions to purchase the contents of storage units that have been confiscated due to failure to pay the bill.  The idea is, people bid on them without being able to dig through everything to see what might be inside the boxes.  In the end, the show figures out who made the most money off of the winning storage units.  This Hester guy is really good at bidding on these things and his going in position is, if he wants a unit, he will out bid you and if he doesn't want a unit, he will bid up the price so you have to spend more money to get it.  The guy is a total jerk, but he knows his business.
 Interestingly, as I was driving down Southwest Military Drive today, I saw one of these auctions taking place.  This picture seems to show the end of the auction, but when I first drove by going the other direction, there had to be 75 people all peering into a 3 foot wide storage unit.  Good luck with that.

So there you have it, enough entertainment to keep us glued to the TV when we can get to it.  What's on your DVR?  Leave a comment, won't you?

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