Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dinner Report Update: Triple C...

You might recall that not long ago we visited the Triple C Steak House in Devine to give it a spin.  During that visit, I was absolutely thrilled with the catfish I ordered.  For the most part, everything else was okay.  Okay, to be honest, the Chicken Fried Steak was not something we would recommend to anyone given that there is are both a McDonald's and a Sonic just across the street.  But we felt like we needed to go back and give the steak a shot.  

I should tell you this up front: Over the years, I have gotten to where I just don't order steak at restaurants.  It isn't that I am so picky or even cheap - okay, maybe a little of that, but like many folks, I have developed a way of making steaks on our own grill that works for me.  It involves marinating the steak for at least 12 hours ahead of grill time in any number of different combinations that we have found we like. From the simple Worcestershire sauce and Season-All to more complicated marinades found in my Kingsford Charcoal BBQ recipe book that use soy sauce and such!  I have no further grilling skills than that; marinate it, throw it on the grill, don't overcook it (a constant fight since my wife wants her steak overcooked), and serve.  

On our first visit, I think I mentioned that the folks at Triple C seemed quite hospitable.  That remains true but it doesn't always equate to perfect service.  On this time around, we were immediately seated and our waitress got our iced teas lickity-split.   But when we asked for another minute to look at the menu before ordering, we waited for close to 10 minutes before another waitress noticed us sitting there looking around for our waitress.  She came back, quickly took our orders, poured more tea and sent us off to the salad bar.  Getting our check when we finished (a known pet peeve of mine) was also an ordeal. 

Nothing new to add to the salad bar.  Still nothing special and for some reason, little to no toppings that I need on a salad.

We both ordered the small T-Bone with baked potato.  Like last time, the baked potato was fine, and somehow, they were able to round up some shredded cheese to top it off.  I keep thinking my salad could have been so much better with just a little cheese!

Without asking, the waitress brought out two different kinds of steak sauce.  Not a good sign if you ask me.  Heinz 57 is used to make dog food appealing to your pooch, not enhance a steak that is properly prepared.  
 In appearance, the steak was a good thick hunk of meat, and I asked for medium and that is what the cook sent out. The signs of black pepper were present as were the expected grill marks.  I was very pleased with the easy-going cutting and chewing, a positive sign.  On her first bite, my wife simply said, "This is not as good as yours."  Well, of course it wasn't.   

The strange thing was, while in general, it was an enjoyable steak, there were a few bites that had an awkward taste.  I didn't even want to imagine that I was biting into something extra or I got a piece of steak that had been sitting around too long.  

Overall, unless I have a hankerin' for catfish, we are pretty much done with Triple C, and I suspect we can find another catfish outlet around these parts.  It isn't that the steak was bad; it was just average. And for what we paid for our dinner, I can buy several days worth of my own perfectly marinated steaks at HEB.

Got a better place for us to grab a steak in the Devine, Natalia, Lytle corridor?  Why not leave a comment and share with the group?


Charlene said...

Nope. I know nothing of that part of the country. If it's like the little down I grew up near, you're lucky to get someone to make you a meal in a restaurant, let alone expecting a superior one.

Jessica said...

I used to live in Hondo and we liked Herman Sons steakhouse-it's atmoshpehre is a lot like Triple C.

Dave said...

Yes - we've had the catfish at Hermann Sons and enjoyed it. Haven't tried it for steak yet.