Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Cement Work is Done and AT&T Lies...

So now that the cement guys have closed up shop and moved along, I am suspecting that the gentleman doing the framing for our garage/shed will show up and get started so we can get finished with this little project.
They brought the lumber for the frame on Monday but the builder didn't make it, I suspect due to the weather.  Not a problem really.  I just as soon have the slab cure a bit more before we do anything crazy like pound on it!
 The cement crew came out on Monday and did a great job taking care of our last minute add between the driveway and the new shed.  When we planned this out, we had this idea that we could save a little money by doing something with the space between the driveway and the garage.  I am a huge fan of the decayed granite, so we were thinking until we could afford to do another slab, we could put in some of that.  But we were so pleased with the work being done that we asked the cement guy to give us a bid and he said it would be cheaper if we knocked it out now while he had his crew out here.

Bottom line is, we are pleased as punch with how it really gives us a lot of space for entertaining on the patio.  With the size of our driveway and the amount of patio we have, I think we will be responsible for raising the overall temperature in Medina County once the fireball returns this summer.


Not everything can be perfect out here.  I hesitate to even mention it, but one of the drawbacks is the fact that the telecommunications infrastructure has apparently not been fully built out in these parts.  You'd think that after all these years of rural telecommunications subsidies, the phone company could get DSL a mile and a half inside I-35, but you'd probably be a whiner if you thought that.  No, we don't have to take a drive to McDonald's just to check our e-mail but the fact that I can't get AT&T's "Elite" level DSL service after several of their people assured me it was possible pisses me off.  

The good news is, Alan over at Blogonomicon has found a service called Stelera that works in his neck of the woods.  The bad news, they aren't in my neck of the woods.  It isn't that we don't have other options, but to me it is the principle of the thing.  Don't lie to me, AT&T, you lying liars.

Of course, I think I said I wasn't going to whine about this issue anymore, so just pretend I didn't bring it up.

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Anonymous said...

I believe they are liars like Robert Niles is what you mean ...