Sunday, January 16, 2011

Breakfast Report: La Tejana in Natalia,,,

Directly across the street from El Tropiko, the place we enjoyed last weekend, my wife and I were told is another good taco place in Natalia serving up HUGE tacos that must be tried out.  Who are we to pass up on a solid lead?
I haven't bothered to look into the history of this particular building which sits on the corner of Highway 132 and Depot Street, but it has the looks of an old filling station.  I suspect that parking was not so much a problem back when only a handful of cars passed by every few hours, but for a place to get your taco on, things are a bit tight.
Inside, the place was clean and there was a common theme of varnished plywood tables and La Tejana logos.  
If you don't understand what La Tejana means, just look at the menu!  It's a pretty Texan cowgirl who knows how to rustle up a huge yummy taco.  
Before we ordered I mentioned to the waitress about hearing that their tacos were grande, compared to normal breakfast tacos and she confirmed it.  Just to get a sense of size, those tacos are sitting on a full sized dinner plate.  And look at those delicious, fattening hand made king sized tortillas.  Not to be wasteful, this would force me to choose to drop one of my regulars in the standard trifecta.  
My wife also switched up her line up.  Instead of the normal papas con chorizo on flour, she tried out the Picadillo which is basically seasoned hamburger meat and potatoes. Good stuff!

She also went with the standard bean & cheese.  On a taco that size, that is a lot of beans.  You can never have too much cheese.  At this point, it is no longer breakfast; just call it brunch and plan on a late afternoon snack for dinner.

I had to order the carne guisada with cheese and I was very pleased indeed.  The gravy was very creamy which is sort of different, but I loved it!  I think you either like carne guisada or you don't but sprinkle on some shredded guv'ment cheese and you will love it, especially when the meat is cooked just right.  You don't ever want to have to fight it to chew.  The gravy will always be a tad bit runny as you try to eat your taco, but the thick creamy version helped manage things.  My wife recommends you fold it like a burrito, but I prefer to let it spill out one side so I can have a little reminder of my breakfast on my shirt throughout the day. 
My other selection was the chorizo & egg which I promptly doctored up with both the red and green sauces.  Caution, one of the sauces is seriously pica, but both are really good.  I honestly got the hiccups from the heat, and I love a good kick from the salsa.  The chorizo itself was standard and the eggs were not over cooked.  Bonus.  
We had attentive service with several coffee fill-ups and friendly chat from both the waitresses working the room.  One of the ladies told us about some huge super monster taco that they only make early in the morning while they still have the masa being rolled.  She said they make this big potato, egg, bacon and some other thing, then wrap it all up and serve it to you, and presumably the rest of your family.  
 In the end, our bill was under $10, we were completely stuffed and totally contemplating a 9:30am nap.  If you are super hungry or you just want to share a really good taco, get into La Tejana for a low cost Tasty Treat.  

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