Saturday, January 8, 2011

Breakfast Report: El Tropiko in Natalia...

I thought the rule was that yellow buildings were tire repair shops and orange buildings were restaurants. 
In Natalia this morning we had some awesome tacos at a place called El Tropiko (with a K) if you read the sign on the front -
or El Tropico (with a C) if you read the sign on the side.

No matter, according to the business card I picked up, they ..."specialized in Ahutentic Mexican food..." and offer "Quality Serviced".  In any language, our vittles was good.
 We heard about this place from the workers doing our cement work.  They told us about getting a really good lunch for a really low price, so we thought we would give it a shot for breakfast.
As is standard on any visit to a new taco place, I ordered the trifecta consisting of a chorizo & egg, Country & egg and a carne guisada with cheese, all on flour.  Take a look at those tortillas:  soft, not burnt but not raw and oh so good.  I had to walk the fence line just to get my jeans to button after enjoying those.
The chorizo was standard but by adding the house red and green sauces, it made for a real winner.
Speaking of chorizo, my wife had potato & chorizo on flour and was quite pleased.  Sorry for the half picture, she would have taken my fingers off had I tried to slow her down.  Just kidding. A little.
 The country & egg was also good.  I hate when people serve up over cooked, day or two old sausage on hard eggs, and this was not that.  Great stuff.
 The real winner was the carne guisada with not one, but two types of cheese.  What a nice surprise and a great addition to the awesome gravy.  I am really picky about carne guisada and this one passes my test.  I can see many return visits in the future.
 Parking could be an issue on really busy days and I can imagine seating being a little tight during the lunch hour.  Our service with a smile was fine and the price was right.  For tacos in the morning, it is easy to screw things up, but at El Tropiko, we found just what the doctor ordered:  a Tasty Treat


AlanDP said...

This reminds me of a question I've been meaning to ask for a long time. Why do all these taquerias call their sausage & egg breakfast tacos country & egg? If anyone knows, please explain.

Albatross said...

I thought the rule was that yellow buildings were tire repair shops and orange buildings were restaurants.

Hilarious! I've never really thought about this, but your observation is just about dead on. Thanks for the chuckle.

Dave said...

The Country sausage is really what I think of as Kielbasa sausage as opposed to something like a regular breakfast (think Jimmy Dean) sausage that has a consistency similar to hamburger meat or those little links.