Wednesday, December 8, 2010


We are.  The old house now has new occupants.  The new house is waiting for us to walk in and make it a home.  We are ready to get started and I suspect there will be much tossing and turning tonight as we eagerly await the closing in the morning.  

No Internet until at least Monday - that sucks, but perhaps we can find a nearby hot-spot to do important Internet surfing in between unpacking of boxes and such.  So if you see us sitting out in front of your McDonald's or in the parking lot of the local rest stop, don't call the police on us!


Charlene said...

You can buy hot spots, ya know. I was offered one with my Droid X but since I live in the city, I didn't get it. Hope ya'all survive the unpacking etc.

Art said...

Michael's Bookstore in Devine has internet availability. Right next door to Church's Chicken.