Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Phones, Spurs, Trees...

The communications black-out continues!  I suspect my wife’s crops on Farm Town are dying from lack of harvesting (or whatever it is one is required to do on Farm Town), but aside from that and frustration, we will survive.

We did get the people from Verizon to look into some engineering survey whereby they look at their maps and towers and if needed, actually send a guy with a cell phone out to the house to verify that in fact, we have no cell coverage.  From there, they will most likely release us from our contract and we will become iPhone owners.

We met a nice couple who live a few streets up from us and they have Sprint.  They told us that the only coverage in the area is with AT&T.  Since they have already gone through the long process of getting a landline (over three weeks in their case), they just live with the lack of cell service out here. 
Our dog Gracie is learning the skillfull art of tip-toeing through the rough landscape and avoiding the spurs.  Still, we may have to invest in some little doggy boots just to be sure.  She may be a dog from the comfort of the suburbs, but when she hears a gopher or some other playful creature; she must run at full speed to investigate.  This has resulted in repeated sessions of me picking her up and carrying her back to a clear area so I can remove the spurs.  This gets old for both of us and she is getting better at avoiding the really thick areas.
And of course, the landscapers are on duty trimming the trees back.  Things are really taking shape as the pile of branches grows.  Medina County has a burn ban right now, so we are nervously contemplating what to do about it all.  Our original intent was to have the wood that could be chipped turned into mulch and use it for landscaping but we’ve been told that due to the dry state of it, it could cause the chipper blades to break.  I’m no lumberjack but this sounds a little strange to me.  So the plan for the moment is to have several piles in the clear areas surrounded by sand and wait until the burn ban is lifted.  You can get a waiver, but I am inclined to wait until it is safer.

Who knows, maybe by the time we have phone service and the Internet, we can have a big bon fire to celebrate!

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Gosh, this brings back so many memories!! ha ha ha