Friday, December 31, 2010

Dinner Report: Triple C Steak House in Devine...

My wife got a tip from friends that if we needed to find a good place to eat in nearby Devine, we should hit the Triple C Steakhouse.  We needed to find a good place to eat, so we went! 
Located just off I-35 on Highway 173, you can't miss the place.  Ample parking and even a covered driveway so you can drop folks off in your Cowboy Cadillac, even from the outside you get the feeling that this is a place where folks gather for some solid grub.
 Just inside the door, the meat display gives an idea of what is in store - if you go for the steak, that is. 
 The decor is fairly consistent with old family style restaurants that I recall from my youth. Triple C has a full service lounge that was fairly busy during our visit.  The rest of the place is covered with ranch brands.  These aren't just made up brands, but the actual brands from local and surrounding area ranches.  And, if you can't get to Bass Pro Shops to see the museum of dead deer, you can get your fill hanging on the walls as you dine.    
The service was okay.  We had a very friendly and thoughtful waitress though she may have been a bit task saturated.  We weren't in a huge hurry, so it wasn't a big deal at all.  There was one minor mix-up where another waitress swiped our onion ring order and gave it to some diners that had arrived after us.  But our waitress recovered by getting the next order of rings out as soon as possible.  The rings were good but in much need of salt and something to dip them in.  My wife's request for some Honey Mustard was completed once we had pretty much polished off the appetizer.
With our meals, we got a trip to the salad bar.  This is no Ruby Tuesday.  The croutons were outstanding, but the fact that the salad bar was very limited in extra items (like shredded cheese), it left me thinking that they could have saved time and effort by just offering a house salad instead. 

Don't get me wrong, the salad was fresh, lettuce was crisp and all, but I was just hoping for more toppings.

Our daughter was in town for the holidays and had a hankerin' for some chicken fried steak.  She and my wife both ordered the small plate which believe me, is enough.  Everybody agreed that the baked potato was wonderful.  Salted skin, just like they do at Texas Roadhouse, they didn't skimp on the shredded cheese or bacon bits.  The CFS itself however, was a different story.  If you aren't a regular connoisseur of CFS, this would certainly pass I suppose.  It wasn't that it was bad, it was just bland.  I suspect the Triple C staff is cooking for a more geriatric crowd with certain dietary concerns.  You will need to add lots of salt and go heavy on the gravy (which was very good).  If you need some CFS, take a trip into San Antonio and go to Lulu's or Tip Top.
We also had our nephew with us and he ordered from the kids menu.  The grilled cheese sandwich was nice and cheesy and the steak fries were not over or under cooked. Those are things that make a kid happy.  That and a BB gun.  By the way, my nephew showed great restraint when a very nice older lady from the table next to ours grabbed him by the face and got extremely close to him and said, "You must be chompin' at the bit to see what Santa has in store for you."  With a nervous smile, he uttered a soft "Yes, Ma'am" and the terror was over as she let out an excited laugh. In the old days, kids were trained to endure such friendly abuse from strange elderly folk but not so much these days.  Kudos to my nephew for not freaking out.
The real hit at Triple C was the catfish plate I ordered.  Yes, I know what you are asking: Why does this guy go to a steakhouse and order catfish?  Because I love me some catfish, that's why.

I ordered the small portion which again, is enough for any normal appetite.  The plate came with some onion rings (nice touch) but I quickly ate them to get a better picture of the delicious fish. Unlike the breading on the CFS, the catfish has a light dusting of some sort of seasoned breading. Perfectly cooked, a small dip in the creamy and very nicely done tartar sauce, I was suddenly aware that just 5 or 6 miles down the road, I would have access to awesome catfish at any time.  This made for one happy camper (me).
Put on your jeans and some clean boots, grab the family and head down to Devine.  I can't recommend the Chicken Fried Steak unless you are on a really bland diet.  The catfish and the baked potatoes and the fine hospitality are winners at Triple C. 


Deep Forest said...

Dave, been there several times and sorry to say "it ain't all that".

Dave said...

Let the "Tasty Treat" symbol (or lack thereof) be your guide!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what happened but I remember Triple C as one of the better places to eat in that neck of the woods. They had the best pinto beans at the small salad bar and the tapioca pudding was the favorite of everyone. Everything was fresh and crisp. I loved the teriyaki chicken. Of course, that was several years ago and we didn't eat out very often so for us, it was very impressive. They had a gift shop with unusual country things to buy for your home, too.