Saturday, December 4, 2010


I spent the entire week on job related travel up in the National Capital Region where in spite of the much cooler weather, there is still much color in the landscape.  Virginia and Maryland are still somewhat green - or at least greener than south Texas.  This is something we accept in return for living in a much better place.

I had to meet delivery people out in Natalia to have half the contents of our house placed on the property that we don't yet own - a leap of faith on the part of the seller that we will close, and a leap of faith on our part that the place we are moving to isn't on the radar screen of bad people with bolt cutters and a big truck!

I stopped in at the Natalia Post Office to pick up the keys to our new mail box and I was once again pleasantly surprised at the friendliness of the lady working behind the counter.  She let me know that the box comes with 3 keys and she understood that I was not a housewife, but if I was a housewife, she would tell me to give one key to my husband, keep one key for myself and take the third key and tape it inside a kitchen cabinet.  Good advice for a housewife, or even the husband sent to collect the key. 
I thought I was probably just a few minutes ahead of the first delivery when I pulled onto the County Road leading to our new place when I saw a truck with our storage container speeding ahead of me.  I couldn't help but wonder which of the items would somehow jam itself up against the door making all of our stuff inaccessible. But as it would turn out, the container was placed down delicately on the drive and I was able to roll up the door with ease.  One down.

My wife was managing the efforts back in Silver Creek and called me to let me know the people picking up and moving our much beloved jacuzzi would not be there for a while giving me time to drive down to Devine to grab some lunch and look around.  We have driven through so many small towns that very often, the standard features like a SuperS, Dairy Queen and tiny taqarias all blend in as if they could have been lifted up and brought in from any other small town.  But a good hardware store gets my attention and this particular small town has an Ace Hardware that is attached to the SuperS grocery store.  Take that, Super WalMart!

After choking down a barely edible Hung'r Buster from DQ, I went back to the property to wait for the jacuzzi guys.  Further down the street from our place, I could see an AT&T guy up in the bucket working on the lines overhead.  I wondered if someday we will be able to get U-Verse out here?  I decided to walk around the yard looking for signs of anything that would need to be immediately addressed.  Aside from the extremely dry, gray, overly brushiness of the place, it is hard not to look out and see the potential.

A dozen grasshoppers bounced in every direction as I made my way through the sandy loam covering what will some day be my lawn covered backyard.  I visualized a sprinkler system, the new garage, raised gardens, and in my vision, the grasshoppers were not chowing down on fresh vegetables.  I felt a sticker burr attach itself to my sock somehow and looked down to realize that my pants and shoes had a dozen already joining me for the walk.  Fertilizer, grass, mowing; something will eliminate the sticker burrs or our dog is not going to be a happy camper.

By the time I made my way back to the front of the property I got the call that the jacuzzi guys were on the way.  I made good use of my time using a pocket knife to remove the last of the sand spurs on my shoes and thought about the idea of one of those motorized remote controlled gates.  A friend told me he found an old garage door opener at a flea market, then used the Internet to look for a plan to convert his Genie into a gate opener.  Same principal I suppose.

When the truck driver backed his trailer into carport easily maneuvering around the container full of household goods, I was amazed at how much it was worth it to me to pay Family Leisure $300 to do this.  
We contemplated and strategised and figured and planned and really got wrapped around the axle over how we were going to get the jacuzzi from one house to the next - where we would store it if we had a long delay between selling one house and buying another.  These are all things that have to be thought of and dealt with and paid for.
 Since we don't yet have a back patio slab to place the jacuzzi on, we had to have it placed under the carport.  But the guys set it down where we will be able to easily move it to the new location when we are ready. 

My final visitor for the day would be a contractor coming to give an estimate for the new garage which will be attached to the back of the carport.  I doubt very seriously any of our vehicles will ever see the inside of this new garage, but it will be there just the same.  The side of the garage facing the back patio will have a pull down screen so that on really dark nights we can project a movie upon it and enjoy the outdoors, and the grasshoppers and the deer and the possums and gophers.  A Disney movie will be in order, no doubt.   


Charlene said...

Nice tub. I hope you have a lid for it, or the grasshoppers will be jumping in! I have one of those and figure when I move from this place, I'll just have to give it to someone. Maybe people down there are more experienced in moving hot tubs.

Dave said...

You'd be shocked at how easy it is for guys with the right equipment and experience.

They use this large skateboard like device to move it around standing up on its side and then use a few PVC pipes on the ground to slide it where they want it.

And yes - the cover is a must! Given the amount of bird crap that accumulated on the top when we remove the canopy that was over it, I'd say jacuzzi time would not be much fun without one!

Unknown said...

You know, Dave. I was far too sad about you and Eva moving out to read the blog so much lately. Then I found you started this one. I feel like I've got a new cyber-home blog-like thing here. It feels quite comfy already. And you'se guys are doing something I've always wanted to do as well, so now I can live vicariously through your adventure. Thanks for keeping up the blogging.