Sunday, November 21, 2010


There is the obvious excitement that comes with starting a new adventure and in a way, you wish that we could just fast-forward and be there.  On the other hand, as it becomes obvious just how much needs to be done, I wonder if we need a few more months to get ready.  We close on our current house in less than 20 days and close on the new house a day after.

Saturday, we spent the entire day clearing out the garage so we could stage the boxes we have to load in the right order.  There is no perfect way, but we can try.  We also cleared out the shed.  That makes for one less thing to clean out for the new owners and it makes for fewer steps when we load up.  

We also took down the screened cabana that covers the jacuzzi.  What an ordeal.  By 6:30, we were both worn out and decided to jump in the jacuzzi for some relaxation.  The moon was particularly awesome peeking through the trees at our home.  It brings on a sense of loss over what we have here, but a great deal of pride in everything we did to the house we are selling.  Oh sure, I can't take credit for the oak trees or the moon, but as we look over our house, we did so much, invested money and labor to make it a home that we know the new owners will enjoy.

Of course, it motivates us to make the new home in the woods much better than it is when we move in.

Today, we take a break.  We are going to do our shopping early, then take a drive to Bussey's Flea Market followed by lunch at Clear Springs Cafe, one of my favorite places... 

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