Friday, November 19, 2010

The Obligatory Introductory Post...

I rolled over to look at the clock on the nightstand to see it was just a few minutes after 4AM.  Before I could dose off for another hour of sleep, my wife asked me if I thought we would be safe.  She tends to start conversations without determining whether or not I’m awake or paying attention.  I was, but I tend to respond by saying nothing at all.  At 4 in the morning, she just needed to say it out loud and didn’t really need a response from me.  Too many conversations about guns and snakes and gophers and deer can make city-slickers a little anxious, I suppose.


If you have reached this page from the old blog, welcome to our new digs.  If you just happened upon this page by accident, I suppose an introduction is in order. Hi, I'm Dave.

In about 2007, I started writing about my neighborhood, the places my wife, Eva and I ate and pretty much the interesting things we saw.  The blog was called Silver Creek 78250, a play on the name of the TV show, Beverly Hills 90210, and an acknowledgment that I am not clever enough to come up with something more interesting.
We have two adult kids, both of whom are serving proudly in the US Air Force, and we have a dog named Gracie.  We moved to Silver Creek in 1999 to have our kids in a better school environment for middle and high school, but now that they are out of the house, schools are not an issue.

During our time in Silver Creek, we met wonderful friends and neighbors, got involved in community activities and honestly, we loved our home and neighborhood.  But with our kids gone, we knew it was time to move forward with a long term goal of moving out of the suburban sprawl into a home away from the traffic and onto a small piece of land with room to stretch out.
When we first started to put the plan into motion, we almost scrapped it altogether.  We had new siding installed and a much needed paint job on the house just to get ready to put it on the market, but the new appearance suddenly gave us a reason to reconsider the move.  In no time, we were coming up with ideas on how to add to our house including a whole new kitchen, relocated master bedroom and bath and a wide open floor plan like we had dreamed of for years.  It would be an ambitious undertaking but we loved the home and the neighbors.

Unfortunately, the economic reality of home ownership dictates that the house has to appraise for the amount of the loan (and then some) and what we had plans for would never allow us to recover our costs.  I know it sounds odd at first; if we loved where we were so much, why not live with the floor plan we had?  The main issue involved being in a two story house and wanting to live on a single level.  It also had to do with seeing what was possible - an open living area that incorporates the kitchen into the living room and having the space to entertain family and friends and having those hopes dashed.  Our floor plan worked while we were younger, but without the changes, suddenly, it was back to Plan A

We spent several months driving all over the small towns south of San Antonio looking for potential places to buy.  We scoured the Internet searching for land and homes that caught our eyes.  We didn’t need a huge parcel of land; just an acre or two.  But the house had to be right.  We were focused on the area around Floresville but had looked as far west as Castroville and Quihi.  A few houses that did speak to us were sold before we could get an offer on our house.  As the stars and moon seemed to align, we had changed our focus south west to the small town of Lytle.  After several road trips and even more Internet time, we happened upon a new home between Lytle and Natalia.  On the same weekend that we negotiated an offer to sell our home in Silver Creek, the offer we made to purchase our new home was accepted.

I have to admit, I was not immediately sold the first time we saw the house.  I liked the property and I liked the area, but I didn't have the same initial reaction to the home itself that my wife did.  For one, this home while beautiful was not in the same price range of others we had seen.  The lower cost showed in some of the immediate things we would have to do to make it work for us. We would need fencing, a huge shed and most importantly, we would need a large patio to house our jacuzzi!

After looking at a handful of more uppity homes with all the amenities one would need, we both wanted to go back to the new house that needed work.  It would be a project.  A brand new fixer-upper.    


By the time I got up and had the coffee going, my wife was bouncing downstairs reporting that everything was good.  She would deal with the snakes and the deer and the gophers and sand spurs; we would plant apple trees, peach trees, oranges and pecans.  We could build raised gardens and grow our own vegetables.  Not half an hour earlier, she was afraid a coyote would snatch our dog from right beneath our noses and we would have to engage in a shooting match with wild boars.  Now, with my calming lack of discussion, we would become farmers, living out here.


Anonymous said...

Please post a picture of your new house out in the country!

Dave said...

Not yet!