Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lunch Report: KD's Old Fashion Burger in Lytle...

If there was any thought that we might not find a good place to grab a burger close by, we put that concern to rest at lunch today.  
Just west of Benton City Road on I-35 South is a place called KD's Old Fashion Burger and when we stopped in to check it out, we were pleased to see something called "The Ooooozing Volcano Burger" as one of the highlights. How can you not want to give that a try?

Inside, the place looks like a great place to play a game of pool and listen to a few tunes on the juke box (which only accepts quarters).  There is plenty of room to spread out and they even have a dining area designated as a meeting room so you could have a little gathering.
We were also pleased to see an old fashioned ice cream parlor in the place, but we did not partake of the triple thick shakes being offered up. I can easily see a return trip for dessert.  In addition to ice cream, KD's offers up some Philly Cheese Steaks, chilly fries, hot dogs, and as you would imagine, burgers.
 I asked the lady taking our order what the Oooozing Volcano was all about and she explained that they fill the burger patty with cheese.  When you bite into it, the burger oozes hot cheese.  Well sign me up!  

I will tell you this:  compared to the regular burger that my wife ordered, the Oozing Volcano is HUGE!  It also comes on what seems like a home made bun that is buttered up and toasted on the grill, a definite sign that someone knows what they are doing.
You select one of four cheeses; I had Swiss on mine and my son opted for the pepper Jack on his.  Our server warned us (twice) that the cheese would be oozing out like a volcano and she reminded us that it would be hot.  Okay, let me make it very clear.  The cheese is HOT and it oozes out of the burger when you bite into it.  I think I may have 2nd degree burns on my goatee where some lava like cheese oozed out of my mouth and burned a trail down my chin.  Listen to the lady when she says the oozing cheese is hot! 
 In spite of the fact that I may have required some assistance from the burn unit at BAMC, that volcano deal was one fine specimen of a burger.  You will have to wait a little longer for it to be prepared (it was 15 or 20 minutes) but I assure you, the wait was worth it.  The bread alone is reason enough to give KD's a shot, and I think you'll agree, it's a Tasty Treat.

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That looks like the old Pirate's Cove!