Saturday, November 20, 2010

Getting Ready...

We have resolved all the details related to the selling of our current home and it would appear the details of the new house are pretty much nailed down as well.  This isn't our first time through this process.  Stress is expected.  You plan but you remain flexible. 

We are on target to close on both homes within a few weeks and I have begun the important tasks of setting up Internet, phone service, and something new for us, the use of DirectTV.  When I called AT&T to see about getting U-Verse, they laughed.  In fact, they had to do some sort of fancy 9-1-1 research, just to verify that I could get phone service.  The lady promised to make a note on my account for them to contact me (in about 10 years) when U-Verse might be available in the area.

Do people really use landline phones anymore?  Eva wanted to drop the whole idea of a house phone but in order to get AT&T to come out and run an awesomely fast Internet connection to our new house, I had to order up the least expensive phone service.  So now we will have what they call a Metro number.  It is like calling an 800 (actually, 830) but it is a local call to the people in the 210 area code.  As long as my wife can still check Facebook on her Blackberry, I don't think she cares about the house phone.

We also need to contact a garbage company.  The builder told us that Waste Management offered service out here, but he knew of a small independent garbage company who would pick up trash for a lot less.  I don't know why I immediately thought of some guy in a Sanford and Son pick-up truck driving down the road and picking up my garbage cans.  I'm guessing recycling pick-up won't happen, but we'll figure something out.  I don't want to sound all tree-hugger, but now that we have trained ourselves to recycle, it feels like littering when we don't.

I wonder if we will get any sort of deposit back from CPS and SAWS (the San Antonio utilities for gas, electric, garbage and water)?  Or, I wonder if they will tell us that they incorporated our deposit in to our bill years ago.  Who knows?  Either way, we need to get with the water and electric companies in Medina County to get those things switched over.  Oh, and we'd better go register to become Medina County voters.  We wouldn't want to miss out on that action.

In addition to packing all of a junk up, I need to get some bids for immediate work to be done on the new house.  We have to get some field fencing up to keep our dog in, we need a huge patio poured so we can get the jacuzzi set-up and have a place to put our BBQ grills, and I must have a huge - I mean big honkin' shed built so we can transfer all of the crap we have in the old house to the new house.  I wonder if we were to have a garage sale in the middle of nowhere, if anyone would find us? I can just see a Craig's List ad.  It would simply say Garage Sale and then there would be three paragraphs explaining how to get there.

Much packing to do...

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